Our History

On 12th July 1844 a licence was obtained from the Bishop of Bath and Wells for the use of a room as a place of Divine Worship. This is the earliest record of a Brethren Assembly in East Coker.

The current Chapel building is believed to have been erected in 1894. It is thought to have been one of a pair of ‘flat pack’ buildings imported from the United States of America. Hence the reason the building looks like something out of ‘Little House on the Prairie’. Visitors tell us that there is a strong sense of people having prayed and worshipped in the building throughout that history. The other building was erected in the Weymouth area but that one has long since been replaced with a more substantial building.

In 1989 we changed our name to East Coker Christian Fellowship and it has been known by that name since.

In 2007 the fellowship supported a part time Pastor but continues to operate with a Leadership Team who meet regularly to seek God’s guidance in the way forward for the fellowship